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Universal Pod Case "Safari" + Glasses

Sticks to phone, slides in wallet or pocket. Artwork by ArtLifting.
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Artist Profile




San Rafael, CA

Mia Brown works and operates her studio and business out of San Rafael CA. Living under 10 miles away in Novato CA, Mia commutes to her studio nearly everyday to work towards the singular goal of creating work that can be seen by others.

In Mia's own words, she is "an artist who happens to have a disability," creating paintings and textile works with a headwand-- a brush or stylus attached to a helmet that allows the movement of her head to negotiate both shape and pressure. Mia's cerebral palsy impacts the use of her hands and over time, she has developed a system that benefits her desire and dedication to create. Mia's abstract paintings are characterized by dynamic color combinations and varying textures, each alluding to the experimentation Mia allows in her process. Her paintings are informed by her interests, her life experiences, and the natural world, allowing us to access her emotions and spirit through painting.

Mia has shown at the DeYoung Museum, Marin Museum of Contemporary Art, Studio 333, Marin Society of Artists Gallery, NIAD Art Center

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