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Universal Pod Case "Chaos Meets Order" + Glasses

Sticks to phone, slides in wallet or pocket. Artwork by ArtLifting.
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Artist Profile

Chaos Meets Order



New York, NY

“We all need art in our lives. Art is how we dress, art is how we apply makeup or make our hair, nails, art is how we move, art is everywhere. I dream of world of harmony and peace, kindness and compassion. A perfect world where people love and respect each other, no hunger or poverty, kids growing without knowing lack, in loving environment, lifting their little spirits up. My art is a little piece of that dream.”

Aneliya Kostova was born in a small town in Bulgaria and moved to New York City as a young adult and currently lives in the Bronx. She describes: “I moved to New York from another continent just with a bag of clothes. I had to leave it all: my successful company, my family and friends, my education which didn’t matter here. I came to chase my dreams, to look for God and discover myself.” Soon after Aneliya moved, she was diagnosed with severe anxiety and depression, making it difficult for her at times to even leave her home for years. She is currently receiving treatment at Montefiore Medical Center and utilizing art as a way to cope with her struggles. “I love drawing and have dreams about paintings. Sometimes verbal communication is not enough to express your feelings; art is a best way for me to do so."

Aneliya has 3 children and is now currently working on finishing a PhD in health care administration which she describes as her most significant life accomplishments. She works as a community liaison for seniors in a city hospital in the Bronx and feels rewarded that she gets to give back to her community in this way. She loves to swim, garden, walk, run, and explore the neighborhoods of NYC and the Bronx

Aneliya is ecstatic to be part of the ArtLifting community as this is her first time selling her artwork. “Being part of Artlifting is a life changing event for me. It gives me sense of belonging somewhere where I am accepted as who I am. Being approved made me so happy, I did some new drawing just to express that overwhelming feeling. I hope our viewers take a some of that inner peace I am trying to give.”

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