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Universal Pod Case "Bipolar Inspiration" + Glasses

Sticks to phone, slides in wallet or pocket. Artwork by ArtLifting.
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Artist Profile

Bipolar Inspiration



Boston, MA

Randy is an abstract-expressionist artist who started creating art due to a need to express himself. Randy lives with bipolar disorder. The day Randy joined ArtLifting, he shared: "Your interest in my work makes me feel validated. Validated. Not 'validated as an artist' or anything like that —just validated. This is a new feeling for me and, truthfully, makes me somewhat uneasy. However, it does feel empowering and satisfying. I am grateful for you."

Randy enjoys being able to share his life in a visual way and is constantly exploring new techniques and expanding expressive possibilities. His paintings encompass a variety of styles. The creative process provides Randy with solace and satisfaction as he heals himself. Randy’s painting “Mixed Feelings” was the first ArtLifting piece to ever be featured on an ArtLifting phone case. Randy loves the idea of having his painting be part of others’ everyday life. Imagining his work traveling with people each day makes him feel “like his art has meaning.”

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