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Universal Pod Case "Balanced Patriotism" + Glasses

Sticks to phone, slides in wallet or pocket. Artwork by ArtLifting.
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Artist Profile

Balanced Patriotism



San Jose, CA

A native of San Jose, California, Tim began painting six years ago. Following complications from a surgery in 2008, Tim was left with partial paralysis on his left side. He has use of one arm and walks with a heavy limp when not using his wheelchair. When discussing painting as a form of self-expression, Tim says, "it's cathartic, challenging and engaging. Over the years, creating and painting have served to illustrate things about myself or my life in a way that nothing else does."

Selling the artwork he creates has special significance for Tim. He elaborates, "When someone says in essence, ‘I want to decorate my life and personal space with something of your thoughts, emotions, life, personal story, etc., and I’ll pay you for it,’ that validates, motivates and vindicates me. Overall, selling my art makes me feel honored and appreciated. And, it allows me to make more art!"

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