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Universal Pod Case "An Eye In Time" + Glasses

Sticks to phone, slides in wallet or pocket. Artwork by ArtLifting.
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Artist Profile

An Eye In Time



San Jose, CA

Alicia Sterling Beach is an artist who has always used art as a way toward enhanced meaning and beauty in her world. She uses materials such as watercolor, colored pencils and soft pastels which offer her a wide ranging color palette to to bring forth the delicacy of light. Through drawing, abstraction and her symmetrical themes she intends to create harmony and balance while freeing up her creativity.

Art has always had an important role in Alicia’s life in helping her to cope with the challenges that life has presented. Alicia was born in Caracas, Venezuela and lived between the U.S. and Brazil where her parents resided. She experienced an accident as a young child which left her with movement issues and has spent the majority of her adult life coping with chronic pain from degenerative chronic osteoporosis in addition to PTSD. She has also experienced homelessness as a result.


In response to her life experiences, Alicia hopes to be an advocate for people who are living with homelessness and disabilities, some of which may appear “hidden” to an outside observer.  She writes: “Ironically, I live with a disability that is degenerative, and I always have to stay active to avoid pain setting in. I appear highly-functional, and my appearances in no way reflect the realities of my everyday quality of life. I’ve had to ignore the pain a lot, but sometimes it catches up with me emotionally.”

Alicia loves to laugh and bring more joy in into the world of others around her through comedy.  She enjoys spending time at the ocean, gardening, acting, singing and--when not in physical pain--dancing. Alicia has earned a BFA from Rhode Island School of Design and an MFA from the University of California, Irvine.  She has exhibited extensively and dreams of one day having her art in major museum collections. She is thrilled to have her art for sale on ArtLifting and to help to share her work and story with a larger audience.

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